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Bowman 4 Online Game

We are in the generation which technology is widespread in the area. People have been using this innovative technology as part of their daily lives. This technology creates the computer that gives convenience and beneficial effect to mankind. Some computer genius had created computer games to give an ordinary game into something that is convenient yet enjoyable game, this computer games then created into mobile games which is the very common games for every people, kids, young, or even the young at heart. There are so many choices of games in the internet that you could put in your personal computer or your mobile phones. One example of these games is Bowman 4. Bowman Game Series Bowman 4 is the 4th version of Bowman’s game in the computer. This game is a trademark own by This game is perfect for those who love bow and arrow. This game would test your skills on both, hand movement and your eye coordination. This is a challenging yet tricky type of an addictive archive game. Just like any other, this game is composed of lots of challenges that has punishments and to achieve a certain goal, you need to pass through it. In this game you need shot using your bow and arrow the apple that is in the head of the girl, thus you need to be careful because the life of the girl is in your own hand. Upon starting the game on your beginning level, you should use the tools that are provided on your screen and determine how high you should shoot the arrow that would hit the apple without any single harm to the girl. If you have the skill on this or if you may be so lucky, you will successfully finished this level. You just only put the pointer to the bow, stretched it and try to point it to apple above the girls head and then release if you already get the accuracy. On the next level you just only need to follow the basic steps at the same goal that is to hit the apple without harming the girl in red. But as the level get higher difficulty level gets higher too and that you will need you total skills to finish the game. Remember to make your accuracy as true as possible because you only have 4 life so better use it wisely. Here are some tips that will help you during the game. The top left of the screen are two gauges and the circular one measures the height that your arrow would travel, while the long bar measures the strength of your shots, use these tools to help you have an accurate shots along the way. And as said above, make use of your skills set to help you determine how to shoot. Gaming lessens our stress that is the reason why lots of people get addicted by it. But we should always remember that this may not give us all benefits but also the bad effects that it may bring to our body and on our work on every day.


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